Decision Making in HearthStone, analysing puzzles #5

Welcome back on this series where I create puzzles to highlight interesting concepts of HearthStone. This will probably be more entertaining for beginners, but I guess it can still be fun for long time players.

Puzzle #4, dealing with secret paladin

Last time I left you a puzzle as a kind control priest vs a secret paladin. It’s terrorizing the ladder these days and you’ve got an opportunity to win the game after the paladin played it too easy and let your Reno on board. Find the lethal.


Puzzle #4 find the lethal as control priest vs secret paladin

The paladin just played the [Mysterious Challenger] bringing 4 classic secrets into play ([Redemption], [Avenge], [Noble Sacrifice] and [Competitive Spirit]) along with a [Leper Gnome] directly buffed by [Coghammer]’s battlecry. The [Wild Pyromancer] was dropped through the deathrattle of a [Piloted Shredder] and the [Secretkeeper] was buffed by [Keeper of Uldaman].

On your board: [Reno Jackson] at 1 HP.

On the opponent board: [Mysterious Challenger], [Shielded Minibot], [Wild Pyromancer], [Haunted Creeper] at 1 HP, [Leper Gnome] buffed by [Coghammer]’s battlecry and [Secretkeeper] with 3 HP.

In your hand: [Ironbeak Owl], [Mass Dispel], [Velen’s Chosen], [Shadow Madness], [Auchenai Soulpriest] and [Light of the Naaru]

You sit at 2 HP while the paladin is at 9 HP. If you choose to draw, you draw a [Deathlord].

Solution of the puzzle

  1. Velen’s chosen on Reno. 7 mana left
  2. Use shadow madness on Pyromancer. His ability triggers, kills the creeper and redemption triggers. 3 mana left
  3. Silence the Leper Gnome with the owl. 1 mana left
  4. Attack with both minions for 6+3 damages face.


Why does it work?

It’s really important to know that [Noble Sacrifice] won’t trigger on a full board because there is no place for him to appear. The idea is then to kill the [Haunted Creeper] to get minions on the board. [Redemption] will trigger, bringing back the creeper from the dead. So killing the creeper adds 2 minions on the opponent board. It has to happen after you have stolen the pyromancer. Else it would create an empty place.

The second thing to know is that if you use [Shadow Madness] on a [Wild Pyromancer], his ability will trigger. Indeed, his text says “after you cast a spell” and shadow madness is entirely resolved only after the pyromancer gets on your board. So the minion is stolen and just after, the ability triggers. It’s the same interaction when you steal a [Flamewaker]. This does not work if the minion’s text says “whenever you cast a spell” since when you cast the spell, the minion is still on the opponent board. So stealing a [Summoning Stone] with [Mind Control] won’t give you a 10 mana minion. Same idea when you cast a AOE against a [Knife Juggler] and a [Imp Gang Boss], “whenever” interactions will be resolved before the minions die.

Another funny interaction with shadow madness is that if there is no place for the minion to go back to its side of the board at the end of the turn, it will die on the stealer side. So using this, you could steal the leper gnome, kill the creeper with auchenai and go face. But it would be only 4+2+2 damages.

By the way [Avenge] triggers during the solution but it doesn’t matter much.



  • [Noble Sacrifice] does not trigger on a full board.
  • Understand the difference between “Whenever” and “After” keywords

Puzzle #5

To be continued. It will be probably in standard format.

*Puzzles are created using Very nice site for creating puzzles

  • Devil’s Advocate

    This doesn’t work anymore. Noboe sacrifice had been buffed to blick attacks vs face.

    • Thibaud Jobert

      Are you sure? Any link?

  • Mcmoo Shroo

    To this day I still wonder if you saw my response on the HSDeck suggestion’s forum for a puzzle 🙂

    Do you have an idea for a new one soon?

    • Thibaud Jobert

      Sorry, indeed I didn’t see your comment on the forum. I’ve a full time job now which prevents me from creating puzzles. I agree with you though that sequencing is really important and one puzzle should be done about it

      • Mcmoo Shroo

        Thanks for replying so soon. 🙂
        If you like, I could make a puzzle for you (I’m still on summer break) and send you the link on this page